Increased Productivity is the Goal

In today’s business world, your company processes and your employee processes need to be “lean and mean” for you to stay competitive and profitable.  Bring a productivity consultant into your workplace to help you and your colleagues develop the skills needed to thrive each day.

Amy can work with you and/or your team members to improve processes shutterstock_148756073and increase productivity:

  • The effective use of time;
  • The effective use of e-mail tools;
  • The flow of  information and/or product within the company;
  • The effective use of scheduling and management tools;
  • The causes for lost time and poor productivity;



Productivity Call:  *Client favorite

A 30 minute planning call can change your day.  Amy can help you be strategic about your tasks and time management.  Email today to set up your first call or to get more info.


One on One Productivity Consulting and Employee Development

Do you have an employee that needs organization help before their next review?  Organization and time management skills just don’t come naturally to some employees.  This time will be spent getting your employee organized plus include time management techniques.


Accountability Partnering for Projects

Need to stay on track for a big project?   With this package, you will get an accountability partner along with coaching.  Communication will be through phone, Skype, e-mail or an accountability app.  This package includes:

  • Help identifying goals and next steps
  • Prioritization of your organizing projects
  • Weekly check-ins with photo or video submissions if needed



Amy can work with your company on a wide variety of project management issues:

  • Guide, manage and support your companies initiatives;shutterstock_285607121
  • Move a project from a vision to an efficient process;
  • Through collaborative brainstorming, help define the scope and goals of a company initiative;
  • Assist in identifying work phases, deliverables and activities;
  • Set up a systems for project management to identify task durations, responsibilities and resources;
  • Assist in entering data into project management software and ensuring accountability;
  • Assist in finding the right project management system that will work for your team



Team Training Session

See your team’s performance increase with our professional organizing tips.  This two-hour presentation is a fun team building experience that focuses on the biggest organizing challenges.  A group brainstorm session is included so team members walk away with actionable items for a more productive work environment.


Lunch and Learn 

Fun and informative, this is a program your employees will love to attend. The presentation includes organizing basics, time management techniques, plus a helpful Q&A session.


Project Management

Need an extra set of hands to plan or manage a big project?  Amy Tokos, CPO® can step in temporarily or for a long term.  Her organizing skills and engineering background can help get your project on track and complete.  She has assisted in managing construction projects, events and other large projects to help her clients move from overwhelm to done.  The pricing for this service depends on the project and term. Please inquire at


Productivity Consultant for a Day

Need a consultant to see your business with a fresh set of eyes?  Amy will spend a day with you and your employees to identify process obstacles and help create solutions that will increase efficiency.  This package includes:

  • 7 hours of on-site time with a consultant
  • A lunch and learn presentation for your staff
  • Weekly virtual access to a consultant for additional insights or ideas


Productivity Consultant for a week

Have a large office with many employees?  Book a week-long visit from a Amy to help maximize their efficiency.  She will be on site for a minimum of 30 hours during the week. Package includes:

  • Monday morning welcome presentation
  • Friday lunch and learn/wrap-up presentation
  • Discounted residential services for all employees for one year
  • Weekly virtual access to a consultant for additional insights or ideas






An organized associate is a successful business person.